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USA Hockey Affiliate for New Mexico

LOE August Meeting

August 16, 2014

9:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon
Santa Fe Community College, Rm. 408 * 6401 Richards Avenue, Santa Fe, NM
A map to the college can be found on the "About" page under "Documentation."


Positions Filled

Brian Barnes has been elected Adult League Representative.
The Adult League Representative is a full voting member of the LOE Board.


Sonya Ortiz has been appointed LOE Risk Manager.
The Risk Manager is responsible for overseeing the background checks for all adult volunteers for all of LOE's affilate associations. Sonya will have information regarding background checks for the 2014-15 season out in the near future.

Coaching and Officiating Clinics Coming Soon

Coaching Clinics have been tentatively scheduled for September in the Albuquerque area. As soon as approval is received from the Rocky Mountain District, registration for the clinics will be open online and the details will be announced on this website and via e-mail to all association presidents.

Land of Enchantment ADM Coordinator

Brad Bock has been appointed ADM Coordinator for New Mexico. USA Hockey has created ADM Coordinators for each of its affiliates to oversee and promote the American Development Model. Brad reports directly to USA Hockey's Regional ADM Coordinator. If you have questions or need information about ADM you can contact Brad at bockster13@hotmail.com or call him at 505-453-7748.

LOEAHA Positions Available

LOEAHA is seeking a volunteer to serve as the  SAFESPORT COORDINATOR.

Interested volunteers may contact the LOEAHA president via the "Contact" page of this website.


News to report:

Brian Barnes was elected Adult League Representative at the April meeting.
Sonya Ortiz has agreed to serve as the LOE Risk Manager.
NMIIHL Rules for the 2014-15 playing season were approved. Three teams have been added to the High School League; Amarillo and Odessa, Texas and Durango, Colorado. The new High School league rules allow for 8th graders to play on JV teams.
USAH Grant information will be forwarded to all associations in the coming weeks.
As soon as the new registrar software is available, Karen Martinez, RMD Registrar for NM will hold a meeting and training session. All association registrars are expected to attend. Details will be posted on the website and sent via email.
Present at the July Meeting were:
President - Steve Thompson
Vice-President - Rick Wenner
Secretary - Deborah Bock
Los Alamos Hockey Assoc. - Tracy Thompson
NM Amatuer Hockey Assoc. - Brad Gregory
NM Ice - Rick Osborne
NMR Hockey Club - Brad Bock
NMMGrils Hockey Association - Roger Pryor
Santa Fe Hockey Association - Melanie MacGillivrary
RMD/NM Registrar - Karen Martinez
NM Hockey Referee Confederation - Rick Wenner
NMIIHL - Marc Rochester and Brett Lovette
Absent from the Julyl Meeting were:
Taos Youth Hockey Association
Risk Manager
SafeSport Coordinator
LOE Board meeting minutes, once approved, are posted in the "Documents" section of this website.


Announcements for the LOE website may be sent to the LOE secretary.