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Land Of Enchantment Amateur Hockey Association
USA Hockey Affiliate
For New Mexico

LOEAHA Annual Meeting

The Land Of Enchantment Amateur Hockey Association (LOEAHA) the USA Hockey Affiliate for the state of New Mexico announces it will be conducting an Annual Meeting.
The Annual Meeting will be held in a Classroom at the Genoveva Chavez Community Center.
Address: 3221 Rodeo Rd, Santa Fe, NM 87507
Date:  Sunday May 5, 2024
Time:  9:00AM to 12:00

The Executive Committee positions of President and Secretary will be open for election:

Positions and Duties and Responsibilities copied from LOEAHA bylaws dated April 16, 2023.

PRESIDENT. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Board. The President shall make an annual report on LOEAHA activities to its membership at the Annual Meeting. The President shall represent LOEAHA at all meetings (or shall appoint someone to serve in his/her place) at affiliated or unaffiliated hockey organizations. The President shall be empowered to do all things necessary to accomplish the orderly operation of LOEAHA between Board meetings, subject to approval at the next Board meeting. The President or his/her designee shall be the representative of LOEAHA and shall have the authority to cast votes for which LOEAHA is entitled, at all Rocky Mountain District and USA Hockey meetings. In LOEAHA matters that only require a majority, the President shall vote only in the event of a tie. In all other LOEAHA matters which require more than a majority of those voting, the President shall have a vote. The President shall vote in the election of all Officers.

SECRETARY. The Secretary is responsible for providing notice of and a formal agenda for all official meetings, as directed by the President, and maintaining minutes of all official meetings.
1) To be eligible for election as President or Vice-President for the Board, an individual must have a minimum of one (1) year experience on a USA Hockey or LOEAHA Board.
2) The President shall not be a voting member of any board of directors of a Member Association.
3) The Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary shall not hold a similar board position within any other Member Association or registered Affiliate of USA Hockey.
4) To be eligible for election as Treasurer, an individual must have a general knowledge of bookkeeping best practices and understand sound financial controls and financial records retention laws.

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. Nominations and biographies for open positions of the Executive Committee must be received by the Nominating Committee twenty-one (21) days prior to the Annual Meeting. Candidates may run for a stated position up for election, subject to eligibility requirements for positions. Once the nominations have been submitted, the ballot will be closed and only those names will be included on the Annual Meeting Agenda.

Nominations must be received by April 14, 2024.
Email completed “Interest in a Board Position Form” to:

Nominating Committee Chair, B.J. Shipe, email:
LOEAHA Secretary, Kimberly Velarde, email:

The meeting Agenda and any updates will be posted prior to the meeting.

Posted 4/1/2024 10:08 MDT

The Draft Agenda for the 5/5/2024 Annual Meeting

The Draft Agenda for the 5/5/2024 Annual Meeting is posted below.

Pease send  suggestions for changes and /or additions to the LOEAHA Secretary by April 25, 2024.   The final agenda will be posted prior to the meeting.

Posted 4/5/2024 11:00 AM

USA Hockey Congress Approves Requirement For Neck Laceration Protection

USA Hockey Congress Approves Requirement For Neck Laceration Protection Starting August 1, 2024

Volunteer Screening and SafeSport

For  additional information on Volunteer Screening and SafeSport. Please click on the appropriate Link above.

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