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Land Of Enchantment Amateur Hockey Association
USA Hockey Affiliate
For New Mexico

Background Screenings

September begins the heavist number of requests for Background Screenings.

Expect  a Screening to take 2 weeks or longer.

TF 9/21/2023

General Meeting Results.


The Land Of Enchantment Amateur Hockey Association (LOEAHA) the USA Hockey Affiliate for the state of New Mexico announces  the results of the  General Meeting.

  1. LOEAHA Policy and Procedures revision were approved with some amendments dated August 20, 2023 and are posted.
  2. LOEAHA Budget for 2023-2024 Season was approved with some additions and is posted.
  3. LOEAHA Standing Committees:  Audit, Membership, Nominating, Disciplinary and High School Hockey
    1. Current Committee Membership
      1. High School committee is complete, each Associaion with High School Hockey has a representative.
      2. Audit Committee has some volunteers.
    2. Request for Committee Membership.
      1. Need volunteers for the Membership Commitee 
      2. Need volunteers for the Nominating Committee
      3. Need volunteers for a Committe to help grow hockey.
    3. See the Form below for Interest in Board Membership. Please specify which committee you wish to join. Send the completed form to the LOEAHA Secretary: Kimberly Velarde,

Post 9/9/2023 TF

Volunteer Screening and SafeSport

For  additional information on Volunteer Screening and SafeSport. Please click on the appropriate Link above.

To Post An Event send it to the Webmaster