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USA Hockey

Scrimmages vs Games


Kelly J Colyer

New Mexico Supervisor of Officials

50 Sereno Rd

Corrales, New Mexico   87048

505 235-8965

                                                            July 25, 2017


TO:   All New Mexico Hockey Associations and Officials


RE:    Scrimmages vs. Games


Dear USA Hockey members,


The question has come up again on the wording of scrimmage vs. game. The simplest way to explain this is the following:


If your organization is requesting officials to be present to work a contest between 2 teams then it will be considered a game. Anytime officials are involved in a USA Hockey officiating capacity it shall be considered a game. Any and all penalties incurred during such game to a player or coach shall be upheld per the USA Hockey rule book and annual guide.


All request to have officials work any contest between 2 teams must go through your associations scheduler and then to the NMHRC’s master scheduler.


This is in the best interest for all involved from the standpoint of any major penalty infractions being committed and not being upheld because of the title of “scrimmage”. If officials are involved it shall always be considered a game.


Please feel free to contact me with any further questions on this matter.


Thank you for your understanding.




_/s/ Kelly J. Colyer______________

Kelly J Colyer

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