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Meeting Minutes of the LOEAHA Board of Directors

Board of Directors Meetings

The Board of Directors Meetings will be posted on the home page when announced.

Posting of the Minutes of Meetings

Approved minutes of the Land Of Enchantment Amateur Hockey Association Board of Directors will only be of the most current 3 months.

The Board does not always meet on a monthly bases therefore there may not be consecutive months posted.

If there is a need for previously approved minutes contact the secretary.

Special Meeting 10-19-2022 Minutes

LOEAHA Minutes from 10.19.22 Special Meeting

Held at the Outpost Ice Arena at 9am and via Zoom
In attendance:

Bob Nolan LAHA                     
Kevin Brake LAHA                  
Anne Killoy  SFHA
James Prato TYH                    
John Kiboduex Warriors
Kristi Adair Adult                    
Luciano Diaz NMAHA
Jeff Thomspn NMICE

Angela Gutierrez LOEAHA
Terry Firman LOEAHA
Kim Velarde LOEAHA
Roger Newall LOEAHA

Kathleen Smith RMD
Ted Skinner RMD
Darla Thompson RMD

Meeting called to order at 9:05am
Agenda Item discussed:
LOEAHA Policies and Procedures, Section 1.26 Tier Teams

Discussion to amend the language striking that “Tier teams shall be composed of all Allied Members who register with USA Hockey as part of the New Mexico Recreational Hockey Confederation.”

Motion made by Jeff Thompson to strike language as stated in section 1.26, motion seconded by Kim Velarde- Motion approved by majority.

Meeting adjourned at 9:21am